11/4/2017 - Jeffrey Noack from Switzerland submitted this analysis of the Euro and Nasdaq 100. The images are included in separate links because they are large and detailed.

The secret of the pyramids and the exact determination of high and low points. I refer to the always-mentioned price vector number 144 as well as 288 mentioned by Cowan and Gann.


In the following chart of the EUS / USD pair, it can be seen that each local high or low is geometrically related to the other. I call it my Pyramid Matrix

The idea is synonymous here, the PTV always be repeated. In the center of two triangles perpendicular to the top, it must come from the point of view of harmony to a reversal point.

There are 3 charts, each chart always more complex in the matter and in the structure of the universe.

Chart 1 starts with simple structures
Chart 2 is far more complex
Chart 3 Eurogeometry is used in conjunction with the changes of planetary gear numbers.

Every single reversal point can be explained as such why it has to occur.
With intent and to learn can recognize from the other pyramids where other reversals were.

Chart 4 is another chart of the EUR/USD pair and the addition of the PTVs to Gann / Cowan 144 and 288, respectively.

Nasdaq 100:
Chart 5 is the Nasdaq 100 a warning sign for a top. I have drawn a very long-term picture with repetitive PTV.

If you multiply the 144 by 44 you get 6336 points.
We are pretty close to this score
I would like to give a warning in this regard.

The other possibility would be an outbreak
Learn to understand more and more the wonderful structure of the universe.
Everything is geometry

It will be a lot of work if they follow the principle but very profitable.

10/24/2017 - Jeffrey Noack a German living in Switzerland submitted this analysis of Gold, Copper, DAX, and Euro.

 I would like to introduce 4 charts. I have been studying Gann and Cowan for more than 2 years and are dealing with currencies, stocks, commodities more then 7 years.

The first chart deals with the reversals in gold. The idea is that all the crossings of the individual planetary orbits, respectively, of Venus 360 degrees, Earth, Mars, Jupiter each 180 degrees. for a high or low point. The blue arrows indicate the intersection point. If you follow the blue lines of the arrows upwards, you get an exact reversing point.
If you know the trend technique you can use these points well for exits as well as entrances.

The second chart shows the long-term German stock index with Venus earth 120 degrees (starting point 06.03.2000) as well as the observed increased uranium speed and its amplitude with the slightly offset price increases as well as price per degree with respect to Uranus.

The third chart shows the copper chart with repetitive PTV values and their exact reversal points.

The fourth chart shows the EUR / USD currency pair and the reversal points of the planets, including the price per degree of the moon 360 and the 3 other slightly slower Venus 90 degrees, Mars 90 degrees, and Jupiter 90 degrees.

I have a lot of studies but it is not possible to present all the charts. Expansion PTV with root 2 for example. I wish all traders a lot of success and inspiration for these ideas with the prerequisite of all knowledge of Gann and Cowan.

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