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How To Download Free Yahoo Data Into CycleTimer

Yahoo provides free ASCII data for many stocks and indices at It takes just a few seconds to download that data and read it into CycleTimer. Anyone with even the most basic understanding of computers should have no problem.

The procedure to download the data is shown below in six simple steps. After you have done it once the entire process takes about 20 seconds (or less).

Step 1.  After selecting your stock, click the "Historical Prices" shown below.

Step 2. Click "Download to Spreadsheet" located at the bottom of the data window.

Step 3. Save the file to your computer.

Step 4. Because Yahoo does not include the "end of line" character you must first open the file in Wordpad or any spreadsheet and immediately save it. Not doing this will put all the data on a single line.

Step 5. Immediately save the file as TXT file. Click "Save As" filename.txt. Clicking "Save" will probably also work, saving the file in CSV format. Some versions of WordPad have problems with the Save option, so we recommend TXT.

Step 6. That's it! You are finished. Just use the CycleTimer settings shown below to chart the file.