Daily Data 1936-2022

The first folder is titled “Soybeans_May_1936_2003”. This is CBOT daily data for the May contract from the first day of futures trading in soybeans in 1936. Trading was closed during World War II (2/1943-10/1947). The format is CSI and ASCII (Text); readable by most charting software; including CycleTimer, Tradestation, etc.

The second folder is titled "Soybeans_ContContract_1949_2011". It contains the daily continuous futures contract from 1949 to 2011.  The file "Soybeans_Floor Session_1949_2011" is only the floor trading session, not including electronic trading. Electronic trading for soybeans began in 1996 and that data is provided in a separate file "Soybeans_Elec Session_1949_2022". ASCII format.

Monthly Data 1913-2011

The third folder is titled “Soybeans_Cash_USDA_1913_2011”. It contains USDA cash data. The file titled “USDA_Monthly.txt” is the first ever recorded for the soybean market and is a monthly average of cash prices recorded at a variety of grain elevators throughout the USA (1913-11/2011).  Between 1913 and 1922 data was only recorded for the five months between October and February.  There was no recorded data during the remainder of the year, between March and September.  Beginning in 1923 data was recorded during the entire year. ASCII format.

This same folder also has the USDA daily cash prices recorded at central Illinois (1969-11/2011). ASCII format.


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