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WD  Gann Diagonal Angles Scaled Correctly - Shows how to scale time for price-time balancing. 9/30/2023
Planetary and Moon Nodes and Apsides in S&P 500 - CycleTimer software is used for cycle analysis. 3/18/2023
WD  Gann - Price by Degree - Mean of Five, Cycle of Eight, Correct Scaling - 12/17/2022
Pythagorean Theorem to Forecast Market Cycles - Cowan's Price-Time Vector. Correct Scaling Gann Angles - 9/5/2022
Ellipse in New York Composite - 7/31/2022
Soybeans - Wheat Astro Cycles - 7/17/2022
Cycles of War - A Dangerous Time is Approaching - 6/12/2022
Saturn-Uranus Cycle in Contemporary SP500 - 4/27/2022 - Harmonics of this astro cycle in CycleTimer.
Ellipse in Contemporary Russell 2000 - 4/23/2022 - CycleTimer applications of the George Beyer ellipse model.
Lunar Cycles in the Stock Market - 4/15/2022 - Shows how CycleTimer was used to call the 3/30/2022 top.

Review 30+ Years of Cowan's Real-Time Posts Using CycleTimer Software

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Software Based on Bradley Cowan's Award Winning Books and
WD Gann Techniques

Non-Traditional Technical Analysis
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Written by Traders for Traders
- Identify and Project Your Cycles in Seconds
- Ellipse Drawing Tool is the Easiest to Use and Most Versatile
- Stand alone Windows based program. No additional software needed.
- Plot Gann's "Price by Degree" With Ease

Pentagonal Time Cycle TheoryPentagonal Time Cycle Theory

Pentagonal or five-fold symmetry is only found in nature in animate or living objects, not in static forms such as snowflakes or minerals. Life is Pentagonal.

Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory explores this symmetry in more than 100 years of stock market charts and identifies the planetary motions correlated with these cycles.


WD Gann Courses

WD Gann Master
Trading Courses

Long-Term Historic Market Data


Four-Dimensional Stock Market
Structures And Cycles

Market Science Volumes I & II

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Recipient of the "Readers Choice Award" - Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine
Four Dimensional Book Set

Technical Analysis of Stock and Commodities Magazine surveyed 60,000+ subscribers for their favorite "Stock Trading System". Cowan's books received the "Readers Choice Award".

Testimonial"Nature tends to synchronize elements that initially appear to be disharmonious. At times, achieving this synchronous state requires maximum entropy until a common denominator is obtained, after which, stability occurs."  ... p98

The market modeling techniques taught in this home-study course show how successful traders have predicted the direction of price-time action of STOCK, FOREX, and COMMODITIES markets years into the future.

TestimonialThrough a very unique combination of geometry and cycles, traders can pinpoint turning points in both price and time days or years before they happen.

The workbook-like questions and answers show that the results obtained by applying these techniques have an accuracy that does not err by more than one percent! For example, if the techniques indicate a major top 100 trading days in the future the results are not off by more than one trading day!

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