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Time Cycle Theory      
Mr. Cowan's final book and his only one available in hard copy (while supplies last)

Five-Fold Symmetry     
of Stock Market Cycles      

W.D. Gann stated that time was the most important factor for traders. Knowing when to expect a trend reversal adds a powerful tool to the traders arsenal. In this book Cowan shows how every major panic and trend reversal for the last 100 years has been accurately timed using the pentagram and planetary arrangements. Traders with Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory would have shorted the stock market exactly at the 2007 top because the cycles aligned right on one of the five Great Pentagram points.  CycleTimer software easily plots these cycles on your charts.


I would like to thank you again for writing you books,  I have read your First book 7 times, probably need to read it another 7 or so times. My accuracy is climbing and I believe I will soon have it at over 95%.  Indeed Usually I am only 3 or so points away from a target, thanks to you. Earlier this week I was 0.5 Half a point off a target.  Thank you so much indeed. ..11/2011

The Pentagonal Time cycle Theory is an excellent book...9/2011

Thanks Brad.   I'm grateful I finally ordered PTCT...9/2011

It  is  awesome! ..7/2011


I read all your masterpieces two times. It is amazing.  You are a great person...7/2011


Brad, a little while back I bought Pentagonal Time Cycles, GREAT book..6/2011


Thanks so much for writing this book! I'm familiar with George Bayer's Egg of Columbus pattern, and have been searching for the cause of this for many months, even trudging through Bayer's Astrology Handbook which really was not helpful at all. Your book is extremely well written and easy to understand. Almost half-way through now - just excellent...6/2011


First, your book (Pentagonal) is simply the very best I have ever read about Gann on planetary cyles. I can not thank you enough for making your hard work public at such a reasonable price. It is fantastic, I am going through it the second time already... 4/2011


Using your techniques I was able to end 3rd in a dutch online stock market competition in which there were 6500 participants...4/2011


I wanted to drop you this email to thank you for sharing with us your amazing findings about the markets.  Very much appreciated.  I have purchased the Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory recently and I have been fascinated by the material contained within it that I have just come back and ordered the Four-Dimensional Set of Books and Market Science I & II...4/2011


I'm hearing great things down here in Australia from other serious Gann traders about this material...1/2011


I coudn't have got a better gift this Christmas than your book set. Thank you so much!..1/2011


Thank you for writing and publishing such an amazing book! You are a very generous man, and I thank you for sharing such great knowledge...1/2011


I wanted to say that I think your insight into the markets is extraordinary. You have taken Gann's more complicated techniques and simplified them in a coherent and comprehensible manner. I think your work with Price-time vectors and time cycles theory goes well beyond other Gann Courses..12/2010

Software Based on Bradley Cowan's Award Winning Books
WD Gann Techniques


Four-Dimensional Stock Market Structures And Cycles
Market Science Volumes I & II
(eBooks Only - Hard Copies Sold Out)

"Book of the Year" - SUPERTRADERS

"Readers Choice Award" - Technical Analysis Magazine

"Nature tends to synchronize elements that initially appear to be disharmonious. At times, achieving this synchronous state requires maximum entropy until a common denominator is obtained, after which, stability occurs."  ... p98

Recipient of the "Readers Choice Award" - Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine

Technical Analysis of Stock and Commodities Magazine surveyed 60,000+ subscribers for their favorite "Stock Trading System". Cowan's books received the "Readers Choice Award".

TestimonialThe market modeling techniques taught in this home-study course show how successful traders have predicted the direction of price-time action of STOCK, FOREX, and COMMODITIES markets years into the future.

Through a very unique combination of geometry and cycles, traders can pinpoint turning points in both price and time days or years before they happen.

TestimonialThe workbook-like questions and answers show that the results obtained by applying these techniques have an accuracy that does not err by more than one percent! For example, if the techniques indicate a major top 100 trading days in the future the results are not off by more than one trading day!

This course is not one of the "trendy" books which will be read once or twice and set aside to gather dust. They will be referenced years in the future as the foundation of the science of financial market geometry and cycles.


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